The Meatpacking District, bordered by Chelsea to the north and the West Village to the south, is a melting pot of art, fashion, nightlife, and culture. In the last 20 years, fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists, restaurateurs, world-renowned stylists, and corporate headquarters have moved in alongside existing meatpacking plants. This has created a fascinating and diverse dynamic that is fitting, given all of the area's inherent contrasts. In 1884, New York named two acres of land after General Peter Gansevoort, a Revolutionary War hero. The Neighborhood shifted to become a market, first for produce and later for meat after developing reliable refrigeration.  
Gansevoort Market then became a commercial district.
Lucky Selectism, headquarter currently based in the Meatpacking District as an eyewear business with a decade long heritage, is now expanding into different branches, disregarding the industry. Along with the rapid change in trends, Lucky Selectism endeavors fast adoption for the surroundings and has successfully launched an extension of brands as Antic-Q, 1Common Category Shop, ReactNYC, and O.C.M.L. (One Common Media Lab) over the years.



"Where is your Neighborhood?" 

We have met the most amazing people from all over the city during decades of our business operation. Every time you stepped into our Lucky Selectism store and purchased eyewear, we hoped you would build memorial experiences with the item and the LS HOUSE.  

Lucky Selectism sunglasses are made from hand-brushed acetate. Acetate is an endlessly adaptive material that allows your glasses to change the color, texture, and shape depending on your environment and way of use. Eyewear that lasts long enough to acquire a patina of age is a remarkable trait that LS HOUSED products can claim. Each eyewear eventually adapts to you. 

The city has showered us with nothing but love and experiences with each and every one of you. In return, we want to hear the stories.  

So tell us, what does your Neighborhood mean to you?  

This Neighborhood content is the development project that will lead to our future exhibit. The purpose of our Neighborhood is that we, Lucky Selectism, wish to be the key to define your individuality.


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