The founder of Lucky Selectism, Heewon Kim comes from a family of multiple generations sharing the same mission and values of developing and manufacturing quality eyewear products. Heewon was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and he came to the United States in the early 1990’s to study abroad and during his visit, the U.S. eyewear market and the fashion industry has caught his attention and by heavily influenced by generations of his family, he jumped into this industry as soon as he finished with his studies in the U.S.   Lucky Selectism’s early years of business took place in Williamsburg, SoHo, Nolita, and Garment District in New York. Heewon comes from an experience of having sales in New York City’s local street markets to Lucky Selectism's own flagship store in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. The brand has its humble beginning and the philosophy of following the heritage helped Lucky Selectism to grow significantly based on a strong clientele that includes not only domestic clients but also international brand designers and buyers.  Lucky Selectism admires the history of fashion and the story behind each and every fashion item that people have loved. From this inspiration, the brand has an exceptional admiration of craftsmanship and antiques. Heewon has collected antique eyewear frames from the 1930’s to 1980’s to research and get inspired to design and create his own eyewear line that will be fond of for generations of time. It is Lucky Selectism’s goal and mission to design and handcraft eyewear that will be remembered and is original yet creative and practical.