LOT-217: Summer in Woodstock'1969

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When the young people quickly invaded Woodstock Music Festival in Bethel, New York back in 1969, the passion and desire for seeking peace in the world became supreme and real. During this time, The U.S. was deeply involved in the Vietnam War which was highly controversial and caused international conflicts and countless innocent deaths for 19 years. 

This was when the young people in America stood up and spread peace and love to the world by sharing music and peace. In 1969, the most historic music festival, Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music was held in Bethel, New York with nearly 500,000 people for 3 days. This festival was a massive success but it was also highly controversial since the usage of drugs skyrocketed in America, influenced by rock musicians and the Hippies who substantially overused drugs which caused high numbers of deaths, including Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. 

The Hippie culture is also well-known for vibrant, bold, and colorful tie-dye fashion. Since the wild and free-spirited mindset of the Hippies in music festivals and concerts were going on rapidly in this time period, innovative fashion styles became iconic. 

Bold, oversized, and funky geometric shaped sunglasses were the key of the late 1960’s fashion. Lucky Selectism’s exclusive vintage Sunwear, Summer in Woodstock’1969 is an octagonal shaped maroon color frame with maroon gradient lens. This vintage Sunwear is lightweight, thin, and supported by flexible silicone nose pads. The groovy look of this octagonal shaped Sunwear defines well for the late 1960’s music festival look. Not only for the fun and funky festivals but classy as well supported by the most fashionable First Lady in U.S. history, Jackie Kennedy often wore geometrical shaped Sunwear in the 60’s. 

The sixties were the “Decade of Culture”, where the emergence of a wide range of music, fashion, and art dominated and influenced the whole decade to define the new era of fashion and arts.